Imagine for a moment that you’re the outlier in your universe. An unstoppable force with the power to change everything, to push humanity forward.

At OUTLIER EV, we’ve reimagined the electric vehicle.

Our golf carts and trailers are the first in the universe to use Graphene Power, which offers the fastest charging times, largest charge capacity and highest levels of battery safety, all with zero hazardous waste. It’s simply the greenest battery technology on the market.

We are the outlier of EV technology.

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Don’t just imagine it: be the OUTLIER.

OUTLIER EV products aren’t just eco-friendly…

More info to come on models, colors, features and pricing.

They’re also visually pristine. Gone are the slow, clunky golf carts from your local country club. We set out to design the most stunning EVs to date, from the innovative design of the cowls and elegant flow of the side exterior to the modern look of the rear and durable yet comfortable touch of our leather seats.

Everything about OUTLIER EV was created to give you a premium experience. Whether you’re taking one out on the road, on a trail or a distant planet, these are truly best-in-class EV golf cart products. Your imagination can now catch up with OUTLIER.

What is Graphene Power?

Graphene is a groundbreaking emerging technology that provides clean, limitless rechargeable energy. Graphene is carbon that’s formed to be a single atom thick. This two-dimensional object has unique properties that scientists continue to discover. Paper-thin layers of Graphene can safely harness immense volumes of kinetic energy, making it an exciting battery technology of the future. We’re only touching the surface of Graphene’s potential.

At OUTLIER EV, we are reimagining power itself.

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